Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack, Trugolf E6 Edition Review

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Last Updated: February 23, 2021

Golf is a popular game that has captivated a lot of fans across the world. People are finding the game more entertaining thanks to top celebrity players like Justin Rose and Tiger Woods. With platforms such as golf simulators, both kids and beginners can get into the action without spending too much. Of late, the Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack, Trugolf E6 Edition has been getting some attention. The affordable unit comes with golf clubs that can be minimized to assist in training children.

Admittedly, there are products like the Rapsodo R-Motion, Golf Club Simulator,and Swing Analyzer around the same price that offer good features. However, the Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack, Trugolf E6 Edition is a good option for training children. This is because it comes with a golf club that can be adjusted to suit the child’s height.

Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack, Trugolf E6 Edition

Tittle X Golf Simulator

  • Improve your game and analyze your swing
  • Tee off or hit the range regardless of bad weather
  • Swing Stick or the kid's Safety Stick
  • Connect to a vivid 3D simulator like TruGolf e6 Cloud

The Tittle brand made its debut in the market back in 2015 and has continued to provide affordable golf simulators for all. The Tittle brand was inspired by a disabled father’s love for the game of golf and bonding with his son. Since making its debut, the company has continued to make good strides in the market.

Here is what to expect from the Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack, Trugolf E6 Edition:


  • Offers 12 courses and 3 game modes
  • Easy to set up on PC/mobile
  • Affordable
  • Offers training options for children
  • Provides multi-player options


  • Results may be inaccurate while using real clubs
  • Sometimes the software is unresponsive

Key features

Understanding what a product has to offer simplifies the purchasing process. The Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack, Trugolf E6 Edition has the following features:

Power source

Unlike some golf simulators that use a USB cable for power input, this simulator is powered differently. The simulator powers through a lithium polymer that has an energy rating of 72mAh. The lithium polymer takes 2 hours to charge fully providing you with 5 hours of running time. With such a workable running time, you can run a good game without being bothered every few minutes by a dying battery.

Multi-player option

You can choose to play alone or involve your family and friends. This simulator comes with a multi-player option so you can engage and have a good time with the kids. With the choice of 4 multi-player platforms, it is easier to engage and train all your children.


Among the notable features of this brand is its ultra-compact structure. The compact structure makes it easy to move from one location to another. If you want to engage the simulator in the office or at home, you can be sure that setting up or packing up will be a simple process.

12 golf courses and 3 game modes

For better training and playing options, the manufacturer has provided a number of golf courses and game modes. The 12 courses provided are realistic enough to capture and keep your attention. The 3 preselected game modes can be upgraded as required.


From children to elderly people, the simulator provides enough content to engage in the whole family. In case you want to train children, this simulator will work perfectly as it is designed to have easy user interaction. The safety stick provided for kids makes it even easier as it is not heavy enough to impede their motion.

Easy installation

Even for the technically challenged, the set up does not take much time. All you need is Bluetooth connectivity and you are good to go. There are no major components that need to be put together. The manual provided will shed more light on the product in case you are confused about the setup.

PC/mobile application friendly

The required software needs to be downloaded before playing. You have the choice to use either the PC or mobile app. Windows is the only operating system that is compatible with the software (Windows 7 or above). As for the mobile application, iOS 8 and above or Android 4.3 and above are required for the app to work optimally.

Frequently asked questions

These questions come up regularly in relation to this product. Read through to see if you can find the answers to your own questions:

Can I use my own clubs?

Yes, personal clubs can be used with this unit. However, there might be some inaccuracies when it comes to the collection of data. The clubs provided by the manufacturer are lighter than real clubs.Therefore, there might be some disparity in the data collected. If you need accurate data, we recommend using the clubs provided.

Is it possible to use the mobile application only?

Yes, it is possible to use the mobile application by itself for when you can’t access your PC. As long as you have a credible Bluetooth connection, you’re good to go.

Does the software work on a MAC computer?

Unfortunately, the Tittle brand has not released software that is compatible with the MAC operating system. Other users have incorporated applications such as Bootcamp to run Windows 10 on their Mac computer. However, the company is working to develop software that is compatible with the MAC operating system.

What customers had to say

Before purchasing any product, you have to be sure that it is the right fit for you. Look over these customer reviews and determine if their experiences with the product sway you the right way.

Indoor fun

Customers who have been in search for golf simulators designed for purely indoor activities reveled in this product. The manufacturer made sure that the golf sticks are height appropriate for indoor activities. Whether it is a child or an adult, you can be sure that they won’t bump or strike other objects.


Now is the time to make the most out of your hard-earned cash. The Tittle X Golf Simulator Air Golf Pack, Trugolf E6 Edition is an affordable product that does what it advertises. Even though there are simulators worth thousands of dollars, there is no point in spending all that money if it does not fit your budget. You can be guaranteed that you are getting good value for money with this model.

Kids love it

Since the brand started from a father’s love for his son and the game of golf, it is only sensible that the manufacturer offerskid-friendly designs. Many customers were happy with how their children responded to playing the game on a simulator. It makes training easier for both the kid and adult.

Excellent tech support

For a brand that is growing, maintaining proper customer support is crucial. The good news is that so far, Title has offered excellent customer support. This is evident from the raving customer reviews on the support offered.

Putting challenges

There were some complains that the software in use was unable to properly register putting data accurately, or, at times, it wouldn’t pick up the putt at all. It is a good idea to confirm whether your computer has credible specs to run the program. If everything is not as it should be then contact the brand’s technical support for solutions.

Outdated graphics

For golf simulators, the visuals are as important as the data collected. While some customers appreciated the visuals, others were quick to point out that the graphics needed to be upgraded. This might be a small concern for some, but for people who appreciate the visuals, it must be disconcerting.

Flimsy cradles

One customer seemed very displeased with the quality of the cradles provided stating that they were a bit flimsy. It is an issue for the Tittle brand to undertake and correct before the problem gets out of hand and they are known for always having flimsy cradles.

Final words

The Tittle X Golf Simulator is simply impressive due to its ability to include children in the game. It is commendable that the brand designed clubs that both kids and adults can use. There aren’t many products like this on the market, which makes it one of a kind. Another thing that makes this brand special is the inspiring personal story of a father wanting to enjoy a game of golf and bond with his son. The product may have a few kinks to work out, but there is no doubt that the product befits its purpose.

If you don’t have kids to train you can always look at the Rapsodo R-Motion, Golf Club Simulator,and Swing Analyzer. The golf simulator allows the use of personal clubs for proper data collection and has 15 courses to explore. This model will set you back a little extra but nothing to break the bank. The simulator is well designed running both on PC and mobile applications. You can rest assured that the data collected is accurate. They say the proof is in the pudding, so try any of these products and decide which one best fits your needs.

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