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Last Updated: February 23, 2021

Everybody has their hobbies and interests, but there are certain products that are reserved for those that are completely serious about their hobby. Whether you are a casual golfer or truly passionate about the sport, SkyTrak Launch Monitor could be perfect for you.

It should be noted that this is not a budget product; it is designed for those who are serious about improving their golf game. Unlike the comparable Flights copeproduct, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor focuses on fun while also improving your performance, so it’s a better purchase for the entire family. Whether you are interested in golf, want to find the perfect gift for the golf lover in your life, or simply want a new way to have fun with the family, you should consider the SkyTrak Launch Monitor.

Skytrak Launch Monitor

Skytrak Launch Monitor

  • Launch monitor and golf simulator combination
  • High-speed photography
  • Displays data as soon as you hit the ball
  • Dimensions: 5.75a x 6.75a x 2.5

However, some aspects of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor won’t suit every buyer.

Here are some pros and cons to guide your decision:


  • Competitively priced
  • More fun than comparable products


  • Not suitable for professional players
  • Offers less information than comparable products

Key Features

To make sure you are making an informed purchase, here’s a run-down of some of the main features of the Sky Trak Launch Monitor.


One of the main things that many individuals point out is how accurate the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is with regards to data. This is where the product really shines; it actually matches the accuracy of much more expensive products, including some similar products that are on the market for over $10,000. This accuracy applies to a whole assortment of parameters that you can analyze and adjust your game accordingly. The system also utilizes high-speed photography to make sure that this data remains accurate, so you can rest assured that the technology is solid.

Game Mode

One of the great features of the SkyTrack is that it allows users to also play on simulated golf courses. This is a great feature for those who are looking to do more than improve their game, but might want to spend their time actually playing virtual golf and having fun. However, it must be noted, that this does cost additional fees. Regardless, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor does integrate with various software for this very purpose. This now offers an entirely new dimension in terms of fun, enjoyment, and application. The Sky Trak Launch Monitor is thus not only a tool to improve and inform users, but also a form of entertainment.

Quick Data

There is a compatible SkyTrak app that many consider great in terms of both usability and efficiency. This also means that you can have data displayed as soon as you hit the ball, which is great for those who want their data very quickly. Thanks to this, you can improve your game in real-time!


The simulator connects wirelessly to the device, which obviously can help in terms of overall decor and convenience. We all know that wires can get annoying, inconvenient, and even pose a safety risk, so this is an added bonus. This also is great for added mobility; for those who want to move around and adjust for their golf game. Ultimately, it also means that the entire device/system can be maintained and installed very easily, making it more durable.


This is a standout aspect of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. Many other monitors/simulators are simply too large to be portable, and have to be kept in one specific place as a result. The fact that the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is portable means that the possibilities are endless. You can take the monitor over to a friend’s house for a barbecue. You can take it with you on vacation. You can move it between homes. This is truly one of the best features of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, and one that separates it from the competition. Why pay more for a monitor that you can’t even move at your own will?

Price Point

Ultimately, most buyers are surprised by the affordability of the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. Considering that comparable products go for as much as $15,000, theSkyTrak Launch Monitor’s $2,000 price point is disrupting the market, diversifying the target buyer. More often than not, customers are stunned that they are able to have all of these features at this particular price, and still have outstanding accuracy.


What about delivery?

It’s important to mention that this product must be signed for on delivery. This is reasonable for most customers, considering the value of the product, but it might inconvenience those without roommates or family members in the home while they work.

What is the warranty like?

The warranty is impressive; however, it is limited. The warranty is good for six months—plenty of time to decide if the product is right for you—or 25,000 shots (which is a lot of shots!); whichever comes first.

Final Words

Ultimately, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor is perfect for those who love golf but do not play on a professional level, which includes most golf enthusiasts. It’s also the perfect gift for those who do not have $10,000 to spare to improve their game, which probably includes the majority of families out there.

It’s a great purchase that can end up providing both game improvement and entertainment for those who take golf seriously, and also want to be able to have a portable way to enjoy a golf simulation. Simply put, it’s the best bargain in the golf simulator/monitor market.

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