RUKKNET Pop-Up Golf Net w/ Ball Return Feature Review

RUKKNET Pop-Up Golf Net w Ball Return Feature ReviewHere is another, but more budget-friendly Ball-Return golf net. This net is not as sophisticated as the mighty Net Retun Golf Net but will do fine for those who want something simple and cost effective. Rukknet has developed a high-quality and compact golf net that is 7feet high, 10feet wide and 5feet deep. This one is ideal to use indoors or outdoors, although it’s probably more convenient to use it outdoors due to its size.

Rukknet has thought about every detail and constructed this net in a way that it will serve you in the most efficient way possible. With this net you will have a variety of fantastic features and it’s amazing how Rukknet is able to keep down the production cost to offer you such a high-quality net for a reasonable price. The Ball-Return feature is highly appreciated by current owners along with the unique double net system that will guarantee to resist every shot you make.

Moreover, the strong steel frame is made of incredible durable fiberglass to ensure top stability. Rukknet only uses top-rated, durable materials in their products. It is fascinating to observe how the four-ply knotless netting design gently absorbs the force of the golf ball and spreads it throughout the net, and afterwards the ball rolls back to you. You will be able to perform a full swing with your high-power driver without having to worry about ripping a hole in your net.

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Key Features

  • Extremely easy to set-up
  • Pops-up like a tent in just few seconds
  • Very spacious, 7 feet high, 10 feet wide and 5 feet deep
  • Dual-Layer netting system to ensure safety
  • Brilliant Ball-Return feature so you only have to use one ball to practice
  • Excellent for inside and outside use
  • Top-rated, high quality industrial grade double stitched materials
  • New improved Quick Folding System
  • Fantastic customer service


Along with its Ball-Return feature, the durability is one of its key features. It is the only PORTABLE golf net on the market today that features a dual-net layer. In other words, for additional safety, there is a second net in case the inner net will fail. Rukknet stands apart from other golf nets in a way that they use 4-ply knot-less net in their product instead of the tradition mush netting.

By using knot-less netting, the net will damp the force of the golf ball and spread it throughout the net efficiently to reduce stress and prevent any damage. To add even more strength, the Rukknet features double stitched seams to ensure premier durability. The frame itself is of course also developed with high quality and durable steel frame. Overall, this is one of the sturdiest compact golf net you can get your hands on and is built to last.

Set-up and Take-Down

One of the greatest features of this golf net is how easy it is to set-up and fold. You will be able to zip-open the carrying case and pull out the net and set-it up in less than 30 seconds. There are many golf nets on the market that are advertised as a so called Pop-Up nets but the reality is that often they end up taking some time to setup.

Rukknet proudly stands behind its Pop-Up feature and you can be sure that all you need to do is just to take it out of the bag and it will basically pop-up by itself on the spot in less than 30 seconds. Tearing down the net will take some practice but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to take it down in even less time than setting it up.

It was designed to be taken down very quickly but like I said, you will need to prepare yourself for some learning curve. You probably won’t be able to fold it in under 30 seconds in your first try but after few practice sessions, you will have mastered the process.

Ball Return

Here is my favorite feature of all, the Ball-Return function. This net was brilliantly designed to return the ball back to you. That way, you won’t need any buckets full of golf balls. Instead, you can practice with just one ball and get the most out your time. Once you swing away, the net will gently receive the ball into the net and the golf ball will roll back to you.

This will save you a lot of time in picking up the ball after each shot. Keep in mind that the Ball-Return feature in this net is not as efficient and sophisticated as my number one pick pick from Net-Return. From time to time, your ball might get caught in the netting and you might have to take one step to the side to retrieve your golf ball. Having said that, this is not a major issue and the net will work flawlessly majority of times and you will appreciate the Ball-Return feature instead of having to manually go for your golf ball after every swing.

As with any Ball-Return golf net, if you are practicing in long grass, it will affect the ability to return the ball back to you. Therefore, short grass is ideal for the ball to smoothly roll back to you if you are playing outside. As I said before, If you seriously want to count on getting your golf ball returned to you, you might want to consider the Net-Return golf net. However, Net-Return net is not as compact as this Rukknet and is also more expensive.


As with everything, price usually determines the quality of the product that you are buying. Therefore, it is important that you don’t let the cheaper low-quality brands fool you. Rukknet is one of the reputable brands out there and although you might save few bucks with other low-rated nets, it simply won’t serve you any good long-term. It’s not worth it to save few bucks and receive a net that will only last you for few weeks. Think about this as a long term investment and opt in for the Rukknet and you can be sure it will last you for years to come.


  • Easy pop-up set-up feature
  • Break it down in less than a minute
  • Extremely durable
  • High-quality steel frame
  • Features the famous Ball-Return
  • Very compact and portable
  • Very friendly and helpful customer service support

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Does not include a golf mat


There is no doubt about it, The Rukknet is one of the best portable ball return net on the market today. It will suit any golfer, regardless of their skill and experience. It is extremely easy to assemble, it’s durable and effective. I can proudly say that this golf hitting net is totally worth its cost.

The basic fact is that you get what you pay for and in this case, the fantastic ball-return feature along with its super quick pop-up set-up makes this product worth the cost. If you want to maximize your practice time and you avoid having to struggle with set-up, I would say that the RukkNet is an excellent choice to meet your needs and will be worth your every penny.