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Last Updated: February 23, 2021

Just like with everything in life, if you really want to get better, you need to practice. The same applies to the wonderful game of golf. With this golf net from Rukket Sports, you can maximize your practice time and devote some time to master your swing whenever you feel like. This golf net is promoted by SEC College golfing coach Chris Haack and further developed by Rukket Sport and is heavily advertised as the last golf net you will ever need.

Rukket “Haack Golf Net”

Rukket “Haack Golf Net”

  • Rukkets 4-ply knotless netting
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 10ft W x 7ft H x 3ft D
  • Net will catch and return the ball to you

If you opt in for the Rukket Haack Golf Net, you will receive extremely lightweight and portable golf net that you will be able to set-up easily in just a matter of seconds. Once it is up and assembled, it measures 10 feet high, 7feet wide and 3 feet deep. Although the looking is not so appealing, you can rest assured that this is one of the top-rated golf nets that you can get your hands on and with the official stamp of SEC Coach Chris Haack, you'll be in safe hands regarding quality construction and materials.

Current owners are extremely happy with the durability of this net as it is one of the strongest you'll ever have seen, containing 4-ply netting that allows you shoot golf balls at it throughout the day without having to worry about any damaging.

Moreover, tie downs are also included to ensure even more safety when you are practicing outside. Rukket Sports developed this golf to satisfy your golfing needs by creating something that is dead-easy to assemble and disassemble. Feel free to browse through my review and see for yourself if this could be your next golf hitting net.

Key Features

  • Recommended by SEC coach Chris Haack
  • Spacious golf net that measures 10ft wide, 7ft high and 3ft deep
  • Extremely durable Rukket netting that includes 4 ply knot-less netting
  • Includes Ball-Return feature that returns the ball back to you after each shot
  • Very quick and easy set-up and breakdown
  • Very Lightweight and portable
  • Includes a durable carrying bag
  • Made in USA
  • Industry-leading customer service


The Haack was built with quality in mind and the frame is not only made with strong material but also very flexible. This way, Rukket has brought to the market a sturdy frame system that features a durable 4ply knot-less net along with the fantastic Ball-return element. There are no complicated accessories to deal with during the set-up. Everything is carefully thought of in order to make the assembly effortless and efficient. The assembly will only take you few minutes and if you want to tie the net to the ground, there are ground stakes included so you can practice in windy weather conditions.

You will see, once you receive the Haak golf net, that it’s built with overall quality in mind. You can rest assured that this net will stand up to your needs and swing. It looks very thick, sturdy and rough. If you touch the net, you will immediately feel that this net will withstand your most powerful shots. The net will resist and absorb the force brilliantly and then spread it throughout the net, then the net will direct the ball to the ground and deliver it right back to you.

Moreover, the support beams are also extremely lightweight. They will not make it hard or heavy to assemble and takedown, but they do feel sturdy and durable enough to hold the net together. You can even leave the net outside in any weather condition as it is weather-proof and water resistant, adding more durability to the product.

What I like the most about this net, apart from its Ball-Return feature, are the wings on the side that are designed to catch your ball if you make a bad swing. The side wings are also extremely durable and resistant and will absorb your most powerful shots as well as the main net.


Quality and durability are not enough elements to determine how it will perform. It has to withstand a lot of force and you need to be absolutely sure that it will keep you golf balls from ripping a hole in the net and fly through your neighbors’ window.

You will be able to practice your swing confidently with this net. Every piece of this golf net was designed with premium quality in mind. You will be up and running in few minutes and if you want to move it around or even travel longer distances with it, you can easily pack it in the durable carrying bag that is included. You can head out to the park or take it with you everywhere you feel like to master your swing.

Set-up and Take-Down

Although it’s not as easy to assemble as the Rukknet Pop-Up golf net, it will take some time to master the set-up. Like I have said many times, this product is made out of superb quality and you can’t just except it to Pop-Up and be ready in 10 seconds. There is some learning curve but you will master the assembly process in no time at all and then you will be able to complete the set-up process in less than 5 minutes.

Taking down the net is dead-easy as well and all accessories will be easily detached and you can store everything in a handy nylon carrying bag within minutes. I really like how easy it is to dissemble the net despite its toughness. Most of the other compact golf hitting nets are very weak and you will have to be very careful handling every piece and store it gently in the bag but that’s not the case with this golf net.

It comes with an instruction manual and I can confirm that it is very easy to understand and read through the manual. These are no impossible to understand IKEA instructions with confusing photos, so you can rest assured that you can easily refer to the manual before setting up the net for the first time. For best results, read over the manual first and have it at your finger-tips. It will take some time to set-up for the first time but you will be pleased once you master the assembly.


  • Very easy to set-up in less than 5 minutes
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Easy to take-down
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Features a Ball-Return system
  • Very friendly customer service


Not the best looking golf net on the market


I highly recommend this golf net from Rukket Sports. It comes with the endorsement of SEC Coach Chris Haack and that should be enough to determine its usability and durability. Although it might not be the best looking golf net on the market, it is most definitely one of the best golf nets around.

Every single piece of this golf net was designed with superior quality in mind. You will be able to set it up anywhere you feel like and hone your swing at the time that suits you the best. Overall, the Haack Golf net includes three essential elements that are safety, durability and easy set-up. Go ahead and check out if this net will fit your needs and playing style!

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