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Last Updated: February 23, 2021

Rukket 3PC Golf Bundle

There is a unique joy in being able to do the thing you love in the comfort of your own home. If you are one of those people who happens to love golf, this idea can be a bit difficult to fathom. But imagine being able to practice your swings in your own backyard, or better yet, inside your house, without worrying what the weather conditions are outside. Imagine being free from mustering up the energy to drive through city traffic after a long day at the office, only to be unable to make the best of your time at the course, despite spending all that time and money. It sounds like quite the fantasy, but here is the twist: It is not. With the new Rukket 3 Piece Golf Bundle, you will have the opportunity to perfect your swings by having access to an accurate simulation of the course without the extra money and effort required.

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

  • Rukket 4 ply knotless high-performance netting
  • 2-minute setup/breakdown
  • Comes with a durable carry bag
  • High Quality Realistic Grass

Product Description

As the name suggests, this package comes with the three products that are essential for any serious swing practice session. You will receive the highly acclaimed Rukket 10 x 7 Haack Golf Net, which comes with a lightweight, easy-to-assemble, yet sturdy and durable structure. It comes with a helpful user manual which explains, with the help of pictures, how to assemble the net in a matter of minutes.

The package also includes the Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Grass Mat, which allows you to choose from three different types of surfaces on which to practice your swings. The high-quality synthetic grass replicates the feeling of real grass. With practice on the Rukket Tri-Turf mat, it will be as if you never missed a day at the range. Last, but certainly not the least, you will receive a handy Haack Golf Net Carry Bag for easy storage and transport for both the net and the bag.


As one of the key industry players, Rukket designs its products with supreme quality and extraordinary durability in mind and the Rukket Haack Golf Net is no exception to that rule. Endorsed by the great Chris Haack himself, the Haack Golf Net is a comprehensive response to all your practicing needs.

Not only is the structure designed to be lightweight and sturdy, but it is also exceptionally easy to assemble. The ultimate goal of the product is to help you focus on your practice without wasting time. With a height of 10 feet, a width of 7 feet, and a depth of 3 feet, the Rukket Haack Golf Net will easily fit in your backyard, or even indoors.

The entire structure is set up using a push-in-place mechanism. The whole process does not require even one screw, nut or bolt, making the assembly process completely hassle-free and easy to understand for a wide range of customers. With minimal practice, you should be able to assemble the entire set-up in less than five minutes. Not only that but it also comes with additional pegs, in case you need to make sure that the net is sufficiently grounded on a windy day.

The net is held in place with the help of tension-loaded fiberglass supports which create just enough slack within it for the net to absorb the impact of even the hardest of swings, without letting the ball bounce back. Instead, the ball comfortably rolls back onto the base of the net, so that the only thing you have to think about is taking your best shot. But it does not end there, the combination of the 4-ply knotless netting and the extra-thick rubber, not only have an integral role to play in the net’s ability to absorb high-impact shots, but also make it incredibly durable. The Rukket Tri-Turf hitting mat is built and tested to take thousands of hits. It is just the right choice if you want your practice to be as authentic as it would have been on an actual range. The tri-turf feature offers three different options of turf for you to practice on.

You can either choose the Tee Turf, tailor-made for practicing with a tee, or the Fairway, which mimics the texture of grass on a golf course, or the Clean Lie, for players looking to focus purely on their technique without having to worry about the surface conditions. It comes with a thick rubber base which offers a two-pronged advantage. Furthermore, it gives a steady footing to the mat and keeps it from moving or sliding as you practice. It can also act as a cushion when your club makes an impact with the mat so that no pressure is made to your wrists or elbows. With a size of 23.5 inches by 36 inches, you get nearly 6 square feet of hitting area, yet when not in use it can be triple-fold reduces it to a third of its size, making it easy to store and carry in your Haack Golf Net Carry Bag.

Reasons to Buy the Rukket 3 Piece Bundle

Even though both products are usually sold separately, it is important to remember just how essential Haack Golf Net and Tri-Turf Hitting Mat are to each other. Players who get by, owning just a net usually tend to have some kind of green area where they can place the ball. However, there are three potential problems with that arrangement.

  • Firstly, it is highly restrictive to your practicing experience. Let’s face it, the grass in a common backyard is just not the same as what you get on a course. It does not help that the impact of swings might also damage the grass in your yard. This severely compromises the authenticity of the practice session. Serious players, therefore, need to own a golf mat in addition to a net.
  • Secondly, not everyone actually does have access to a back or front yard and thus, a green patch, in which case it becomes crucial to own a golf mat.
  • Thirdly, without a golf mat, the possibilities of when and where you can practice are greatly limited. It means that you cannot practice your swings inside without damaging your floor, and you cannot practice outside on a rainy day.

Simply put, owning a golf net without a hitting mat is like owning a car without a steering wheel; there is no use for all those useful features if you lack the one crucial piece of equipment that completes them. The Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat completes the Rukket Haack Golf Net. Therein lays the beauty of this bundle offer. It combines the two products, that complete your practicing experience, offering you a range away from a range, and that too, in a price lower than what you would have to spend if you bought them separately.

Buying the Rukket 3 Piece bundle will allow you to practice for hours, with the feel of an actual range, be it in your backyard, or your living room. In fact, opting for this offer will actually make your experience more authentic than it would be if you were to practice on common household grass. On top of all this, you will also have the choice to practice with a tee, on the Tri-Turf hitting Mat’s Tee Lie, which is custom-made to hold tees, in order to give you access to some of the added possibilities that you just cannot recreate on your own.

As with the Haack Golf Net and the Tri-Turf Hitting Mat, the Haack Golf Net Carry Bag is also made to facilitate practice. It makes for an all-in-one storage space for the equipment, making the process of assembly, disassembly and storage much simpler. It eliminates the need for players to worry about keeping their equipment safe. The icing on the cake is the fact that with this carry bag, because your authentic range experience can easily fit inside a hand-held carry bag, it is now also portable. When packed, the size and weight of the bundle are small enough for it to fit inside a car trunk, or to be easily carried by hand, which is great news for customers who tend to travel frequently.


Most importantly, this bundle offer is budget-friendly, it almost sounds too good to be true. If you were to buy these products separately, you would have to invest quite a sum on the Rukket Haack Golf Net itself, and even more on the Rukket Tri-Turf Hitting Mat. However, with this 3-piece bundle offer, you can save a staggering amount of money. In other words, it is as if you are buying the Haack Golf Net, for less than $50, and then getting the Tri-Turf Hitting Mat for free. Considering how important it is to own a quality hitting mat, this is certainly not a bad deal.


As with all their products, Rukket Sports has put tremendous thought into these products. Their meticulous supply chain, which they control at each and every stage, from raw material to retail, allows them to have control on the quality of products at each stage of the manufacturing process. This is evident in the build quality of the Haack Golf Net and the Tri-Turf Hitting Mat as well.

In the words of Todd Kolb at PGA, when we are buying a product, we are actually buying the company. Rukket certainly seems to adhere to that mantra, considering how both these products maintain the level of quality seen in other Rukket products on the market. The Haack Golf Net, as well the Tri-Turf Hitting Mat is factory-tested to endure thousands of strikes, making them exceptionally durable. Evidence to that is the fact that customers have rarely if ever, complained about the net being damaged or perforated due to impact from shots, which is the most common complaint when it comes to golf nets.


The company has such strong faith in the quality of their products that both the products come with a lifetime warranty. In the word Chris Haack himself, the Rukket Haack Golf Net is “the last net you will ever need.” The authenticity of the experience they create, combined with the unprecedented durability they offer makes this 3-piece-offer one of the most appealing and greatest deals on the market.


With all this in mind, we go back to the idea of being able to enjoy the things we love in the comfort of our own homes. It is true, that most of the things we do or the activities we like to indulge in require some extra effort on our part; a labor of love. In the case of golf, however, Rukket Sports has definitely rendered this labor of love, obsolete. Thanks to this 3 Piece Bundle Offer, you can practice all kinds of swings and polish your skills in an authentic golfing environment, that you can simulate within a space of your choosing, on your own time and on your own terms; all the while, not saving time, money and energy that you would have otherwise spent on tedious daily visits to the range.

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