OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Review

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Last Updated: February 23, 2021

If you’re looking forward to playing golf at home, then look no further than the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator. This award-winning golf simulator lets you play as many courses as you want digitally. This means you never have to go back to the actual courses to enjoy a game. Simply set it up using your PC or Mac and you can improve your game from the comfort of your own home.

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

  • OptiShot2 comes with 15 great courses
  • An award-winning golf simulator
  • 16 high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors
  • Ability to play up to 4 players

It comes with a built-in tracking capability that tracks every second of your swing to show accurate shots. Moreover, it is perfect for those who live faraway from a course or who just can’t get enough time to play a full round!

The best part is that if you already own the OptiShot 1, you need only upgrade the software because the hardware is the same. The simulator falls in the medium price range; however, the features are definitely worth every penny.

The OptiShot Company made its mark when it came into the market with the OptiShot 1 Simulator. So, it should come as no surprise that the OptiShot 2 is as reliable and accurate as the first edition.


  • Great tracking capabilities.
  • Provides a wide variety of courses for you to play on.
  • Features a live mode.
  • Doesn’t require hi-fi system requirements.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Allows you to customize a lot of features.


  • Requires a dedicated space.
  • The short game is not very accurate.
  • Expensive extra courses.

Key Features

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator comes jam-packed with a ton of features that will brighten any boring afternoon at the office. These features are quite unique and will definitely help you improve your swing and simply enjoy a wonderful game of golf. The simulator includes the following key features:

1. Wide range of real courses

The OptiShot 2 comes with a high number of real replica courses that can help you train better. The simulator comes with about 15 pre-installed courses. They are intricately designed and modelled on renowned courses from the most popular clubs including Torrey Black, Palm Desert,and even Twisted Twig. You won’t just enjoy the view; you can hear the courses as well. The sounds of birds and various local wildlife will immerse you completely into the real course.

What’s more is that you can even adjust the weather settings! Want the wind to tune down or want it in a particular direction? You can do so with this simulator.

2. Variety of game styles

Another remarkable feature of the OptiShot 2 is the variety of game styles. You can choose to play match play, better ball, best ball, skins, Stableford, and stroke play. In addition to this, you can also play a wide variety of tees including par 3 tees for 18 holes.

The wide array of game styles has something to offer all types of golfers. The simulator allows up to 4 players to play at the same time.

3. Accurate swing analysis

The unique part about the OptiShot 2 Simulator is that it does not track the ball. Instead, its infrared sensors actually track the club. This helps the software to better analyze your swing pattern. This means that you can play the game without a real ball or even with a foam ball because the ball is not needed.

The sixteen 48MHz infrared sensors shoot about 10,000 pulses per second to accurately map your swing. The software then processes the swing and shows you all the stats that you want. This way you can work with improving your swings in a way that is measurable.

4. Easy-to-read stats

Moreover, the OptiShot 2 shows you all your stats that are easy to understand so that you can potentially improve. These stats can include the swing path or pattern, club head speed and angle. The instantaneous feedback is easy to read. You can decode it easily to figure out which area to improve on.

The readability of the stats is made easier with the OptiShot’s numbering system. The positive stats move to the background while the negative stats are presented upfront.

5. Durability and warranty

Another impressive feature of the OptiShot 2 is its durable and sturdy construction. The hardware is carefully manufactured to take the hardest of hits. So, you can rest assured that the device will last a long time. The device is not prone to any scratches or dents.

Furthermore, the sensors are indestructible. However, if you’re still worried about the longevity, the device comes with a 180-day warranty. So, you can rest assured that your investment will remain secure!

6. OptiShot Live

The live component of the simulator allows you to play tournaments with other players. You can create your own game or join a tournament made by others. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your competition’s shots and they won’t be able to see yours. The independent play means you can play at your own pace without the hassle of timers.

A chat option allows you to interact with other players from all over the world. The scoreboard updates automatically to show you how you are faring against others. This is a great way to improve your shots and compete against others at the same time.

What’s more is that you can access about 40 new online courses. The tournaments allow you to compete for amazing prizes as well.

7. System requirements

Luckily, the OptiShot 2 does not demand a lot when it comes to your computer system. The device is compatible with PC as well as Mac. In fact, you’ll find that your system already meets most of the requirements.

The Windows requirements include:

  • Windows Vista 7, 8, or 10
  • 3GB HDD of storage
  • 256MB RAM graphics card
  • Video drivers
  • USB 2.0 port
  • 4GB RAM

The Mac requirements include:

  • Mac OS X10.8
  • Intel Core 2 Due
  • 3GB HDD of storage
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT or better
  • 4 GB RAM
  • USB 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions

While the OptiShot 2 is quite easy to install and use, here is a short list of frequently asked questions.

Q: Does the Software come on a CD or do you have to download it?

A: The software comes in both forms. You can either download it or use the CD that comes with the hardware. Some users might not have a CD driver so the download option gets a huge thumbs up from our side.

Q: What is included in the entire package?

A: The package includes the following items:

  1. Swing pad and turf
  2. Practice tees
  3. Foam golf ball
  4. Product key
  5. Gripper tee
  6. Installation DVD
  7. 10-foot USB cable

Q: What space requirements do I need to take care of?

A: Mostly, you need to ensure that you can comfortably swing your longest club. Normally, we recommend you set it up in an area with a clearance of 10 x 10 feet. Also, the ceiling should be atleast 8.5-foot high. This will ensure that you can comfortably take full swings.

In addition, you also need to take your height into account. If you’re taller, you might need a higher ceiling for a full swing. Take a few practice swings before you set up the hardware.

Q: Are there any lighting requirements I need to be careful of? Can I use it outdoors?

A: Yes. Since the simulator involves infrared sensors, the accuracy of the sensors heavily depends on proper lighting. This is why you can only use the OptiShot 2 Simulator indoors. Some general guidelines involving the lighting requirements include:

• Avoid sunlight or other sources of infrared light.
• Use fluorescent, halide or sodium lighting.
• Ensure overhead light.
• Avoid any shadows.

Q: How to install the hardware?

A:Installing the hardware is quite easy. It mainly involves the following steps:

1. Plug the USB into the computer and plug the other end into the swing pad.
2. Place the pad on your desired location.
3. Make sure that the arrow on the side points in the proper direction.
It’s as easy as that!

Q: Where can I find the product key?

A: A lot of users seem to have trouble locating where the product key is. It can help activate your software. The location depends on where you purchased the simulator. The key is in the form of OPT6-0000-0000-00AA-AAAA. Most often, it can be found in the following locations:
• Setup instructions on DVD case
• Sticker on the CD
• Sticker on the underside of the swing pad
• Main menu screen(bottom right corner)

Q: How do I Update OptiShot?

A: When you start up the software, it will give you an option to update if there are any new updates available. All you have to do is click “Update OptiShot” and it will be automatically updated.

What Do The Customers Say?

Listen to what other buyers had to say to help you make an informed decision.

High accuracy

Most users found that the simulator very accurately read their swings. They noted that it precisely mapped the distances. Some users tested it out by holding back their swings and they could see it reflected in the stats.
However, we found one small flaw. The system automatically assumes that the club hits the ball with full impact. This might not be possible in most cases. The inaccuracy arises due to the fact that the sensors do not track the ball.

Quick and easy setup

Buyers liked the quick and easy setup. We already explained how easy it is to install the hardware. The software installation can be a little tricky. However, if you’re even a little bit computer savvy, you’ll find the process a breeze.

Can be used with either no ball or a fake ball

Since the sensors only track your club, you can use a foam ball or even no ball. The common opinion is that this is a great feature seeing asa real ball would cause damage. You can easily play indoors without worrying about breaking anything.

Large space needed

A drawback that most users seemed to note was that the simulator required a lot of clearance. Since it tracks the club, you need to ensure that you can swing fully. The clearance also includes the height of the ceiling. So, if you’re tall, you might be out of luck.

On the other hand, users did agree that this drawback is reasonable since you can use your real clubs with this simulator.

Calibration needed

Since the application is loaded with default values, you need to calibrate it for each of your clubs. Most buyers noted that the calibration process is neither easy nor quick. However, it is a much-needed part if you intend to play.

Affordable price

The main talking point about the OptiShot 2 simulator is the price. Most users reveled about how it was more affordable than the competition such as the SkyTrak. Some users argued that there were additional purchases involved in the app as well. For example, if you want to add more courses, you need to pay for it.

Also, if you want to use the OptiShot Live feature, you need to pay a subscription fee for that as well. Most users found it quite within reason and were more than happy to pay a little extra.

Highly customizable

Another feature users seemed to love was the high level of customization. You can easily customize each course and even the weather according to your wishes. Some users noted that the weather was only customizable to the extent of the sunlight and wind direction.

Final Words

Overall, the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator is a must-have for anyone looking for an at-home golfing experience! The best part is that the hardware is portable so you can carry it to your office and home easily. It includes highly accurate results to help you up your game by a long shot!
Not only that, but you can select from the 15 most popular courses worldwide. The OptiShot Live feature is definitely worth the extra subscription fees as it allows you to enter into tournaments and compete with others at your own pace.

It does have a few drawbacks that include space and lighting requirements. You need to ensure that you have enough clearance to easily make the shots. Moreover, the calibration process can be a little difficult.

The OptiShot 2 Golf simulator is a little less accurate than SkyTrak. The SkyTrak simulator has more software options as well. However, the OptiShot2 is more affordable than the popular Sky Trak simulator and comes with decent quality! Who could say no to that?

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