7 Golf Nets with Ball Return Systems Reviews

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Last Updated: February 25, 2021

Most golfers are keenly aware that they need to practice if they want to improve their golfing handicap. The problem is that for many, regular practice is a pipe dream, as time does not permit it. Whilst a trip down to the golf course might be your ideal solution, this is often not practical, and it can get expensive.

Investing in a practice net brings golfing practice to your home, ensuring that you don’t lose your sporting edge. The best nets are lightweight, portable and durable. They are quick to set up and the very best safely return your ball to you, allowing you to play with a single ball. We review some of the best golf practice nets with ball return systems for you.

Golf Nets With Ball Return Systems

1. Best Overall

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle - 10x7ft Haack Golf Net

  • Rukket 4 ply knotless high-performance netting
  • Measures 10ft W x 7ft H x 3ft D
  • Comes with a durable carry bag
  • 2-minute setup/breakdown

This net was designed and has been underwritten by Chris Haack, famous for training golfers for the PGA Tour. The large net features four ply knotless netting which absorbs the impact of the ball gently rolling it right back to you, for effortless golfing practice. This net will take you just two minutes to set up or take down. Place the net into the included bag for lightweight portability and storage. The net opens to a large seven foot high, ten foot wide and three foot deep and can be used by the whole family for other net sports such as football, soccer, baseball and hockey.

A Tri-Turf golf mat is included in the kit, bringing the real golf range feel to your off range practice. The Tee Turf makes it possible for you to practice your golf with a real tee. Fairway/ Rough offers you the genuine golf course feel and Clean Lie gives you the chance to practice off a flat surface. The mat has a thick non-slip rubber base. This product is covered by a one-year warranty and you can trust in the great Rukket customer service that golfers have come to expect.

2. Runner Up

Spornia Spg-7 Golf Net

Spornia Golf Practice Net - Automatic Ball Return System

  • Automatic Ball Return System
  • Patented Large target sheet
  • Ball Stopper (Stores over 200 balls)
  • Fast & Easy Setup/Breakdown

The Spornia golf practice net sports a patented ball return and ball retention system. You choose whether you want to play with one ball or more. The retaining net will hold up to two hundred balls. The ball return system will return the ball to you without damaging the ball or the floor, as the net does not allow the ball to bounce on the floor.

You can practice with any golf club and with real golf balls. The net includes to side screens to ensure that even the most wayward shot will be safely stopped. Detachable white lines on the base of the net give you immediate feed-back so that you can hone your golf skills improving your stance, ball alignment and put. The net has a two-hole setting that allows you to adjust its angle to match your shot.

The large fifty-nine inch square target is made from a patented fabric that absorbs the sound and impact of the ball, preserving the net. The net and target are really easy to set up and take down and this should be accomplished in seconds. The large net is eight foot high by eight foot wide and seven foot long and when placed into the bag that it comes with it is light and easily stored and transported. It is made from durable UV protected mesh and the frame has a one-year warranty against cracks and breaks.

3. Best Value

Gagalileo Golf Practice Net for Backyard Golf Hitting Nets Golf Net Practice Golf Net

GALILEO Golf Nets Golf Practice Net

  • 420D Oxford pipeline
  • 2-minute setup/breakdown
  • Includes a 150D Oxford carrying bag
  • The ball return net will save your time

GALILEO is one of the best manufacturers of golf nets and practice accessories and these golf practice nets are no exception. They safely and accurately capture each golf ball and smoothly roll it back to you. This system is great because it saves you a ton of time compared with chasing after all the golf balls. You can spend more time enjoying practicing your favorite sport and less worrying about the golf balls.

GALILEO offers a warranty and a return policy on all of their nets so you are guaranteed to love their product or get your money back. The lifetime warranty protects against any parts defects to ever occur on the product. If it breaks they will repair it free of charge. It is made out of super stable materials that are made to last and will not move with the impact of the golf balls. There are stakes included to securely fix the practice net to the ground.

Every time your ball hits the net it is returned right back to you, which is super convenient and time-saving. You will love how easy it is to practice your golf techniques from home using this high-quality practice net. It also has a visual target on the net which will aid with improving your aim. A net with a target is better than a blank net because it also you to hone in your precision. This kit comes with a bag for carrying and storing the net when it is not in use. It is super easy to break down and set up, taking less than two minutes.

4. Great Pick by Rukket

Rukket 10x7ft Pop Up Golf Net

Rukket 10x7ft Pop Up Golf Net

  • Measures 10ft W x 7ft H x 5ft D
  • Double stitched heavy-duty materials
  • Quick Folding System
  • Tough Netting (knotless 4 ply 3/4 inch inside netting)

This pop-up net requires no set up. It springs instantly from a thirty-two inch circular bag into a large seven foot high, ten foot wide and five-foot deep net. Folding the net up takes a little practice, but there are instructions sewn into the bag, and there is also an online video available to help you along. Both professional and amateur golfers can use this net because it can take real golf balls and you can use any golf club to practice. The knotless four ply netting of the inner net disperses the impact of your ball to safely return it to you.

Because it has a dual net system, the inner net can easily be replaced. The net is made from durable material that has been double stitched. The frame is made from carbon steel. The base of the net has a double layer of durable material so that it can be used on any surface even on concrete and it can be used both inside and in garden.  This net was voted the best new release at the 2013 PGA tournament, so you can expect a great golfing experience when you use it, and of course, you can trust that Rukket will offer you great after sales service should you require it.

5. Great Pick by Spornia

Spornia Spg-7 Golf Practice Net

Spornia Golf Practice Net - Automatic Ball Return System

  • Automatic Ball Return System
  • Patented large target sheet
  • Quick & Easy Setup/Breakdown
  • Ball Stopper (Stores over 200 balls)

The Spornia practice golf net is simple to set up and take down and it should be accomplished in thirty seconds. This product sports a patented ball return system that ensures that every ball is gently returned to you so that you can practice with a single ball. Alternatively, you may elect to have this net collect up to two hundred balls for you. The ball return system ensures that the floors are not damaged when you practice as the ball is returned to you without touching the floor. The adjustable and removable golf e-alignment string gives you instant feedback on your golf shots, allowing you to adjust your stance or ball alignment to improve your golfing accuracy.

Use any of your clubs and real golf balls to practice with this net and target. The fifty-nine inch square target is made of a patented fabric that will absorb both the sound of the ball and its impact so that your net does not sustain damage. Two side nets are included with the net so it can stop even the most deviant ball. A one by two foot EverGolf Turf Hitting Mat is included in the kit to improve your golf practice experience. The kit fits into a durable carry bag for storage and lightweight portability. The net is made from durable UV protected material that can withstand the elements so you can use the net both inside and outside. At last, the frame has a one-year warranty against damages.

6. Great Pick by Net Return

The Net Return Home Series Multi-Sport Golf Net

The Net Return Home Series Multi-Sport Golf Net

  • Automatic ball return
  • 5 min. Pushbutton assembly
  • 1. 5in Tubular Steel Frame
  • Lightweight Transport and storage

The Home Series sports net is designed to smoothly return your golf balls to you. This net system is not only great for practicing golf but can also be used to play other sports such as hockey or soccer. This is really easy to use and set up ball return system as well. Unlike other complicated ball return systems, this net relies on brilliant engineering and the power of gravity to return your ball to you each time.

Using a ball return net is great because you can spend more time enjoying practicing the sports you love and less time chasing after a ball. It has a rugged tubular steel frame that is made out of hollow metal bars to make it lightweight and easy to store, setup, and breakdown.

The best part about the Home Series multi-sport golf net is that it can be assembled with the press of a button. It takes about five minutes for the net to be assembled and requires absolutely no additional tools. It is made out of high-quality materials that are built to last. The nylon net will not easily rip or tear, and the steel construction will stand up against the test of time and the elements.

The metal components will not bend or become misshapen over time. They also are resistant to the elements, moisture, and changes in temperature. You can use this ball return golf net to practice your golf technique from home on rainy days, and save money on trips to the golf course all while improving your game.

7. Other Great Pick

Spornia Golf Bundle

Spornia Golf Bundle

  • Roof Attachment (7ft. X 9ft)
  • Mat is constructed with heavy quality rubber
  • Patent pending Spornia Swing Indicator Trainer
  • Swing Path Trainer

This golf bundle comes with everything that you need to improve your golf technique from home. It also has a ball return feature which means that the net is designed to not only catch your golf balls from practice shots but that it also rolls each golf ball back to you so that you can practice over and over again without having to waste time chasing after loose golf balls.

It comes with a variety of patented products that are made to help train you in the art of golf. It has an indicator that actually will show you where your golf ball hit on the target, which takes the guesswork out of it completely. Unlike other systems where you may miss where the ball hits if you are not looking, this golf kit has the ability to visually show you where your ball landed.

This golf bundle lets you improve your golf game from home without wasting time and money going to the golf course. You can also use this golf kit on rainy days to practice golf from home. The rubber bottom of the golf net prevents the net from sliding around with the impact of the ball and each time a ball hits, it is smoothly returned.

Buying a golf net as a part of a bundle such as this one is great because you get a variety of accessories and training tools for a more affordable price. The size of the net is seven by nine feet and is large enough to capture all of your shots. It also comes with multiple mats for you to tee off from.


Every golfer knows the importance of practice when it comes to reducing his handicap. The only way that most of us can ensure that we can get the practice that we require in order to improve, is to find ways to practice several times a week.

It is not exactly practical to drive to the golf course every day to practice your swing and it can be extremely expensive as well. These days, most enthusiastic golfers invest in products that allow them to practice their golf at home. For effortless golfing practice, you should invest in a net that is capable of returning your golf balls. That way, you will get the most out of every swing.

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