Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net Review

Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net ReviewWith the help of the Callaway tri-ball golf net, you will be on your way to fine-tune your golf swing quickly, no matter what skill you want to master. This net is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. As you know, Callaway is one of the big sharks on the market and they are known for their quality and industry-leading customer support.

Therefore, you can be sure that the overall quality of the Tri-Ball golf hitting net is at its best. It features a strong mess netting that is very easy to assemble and take kdown weather you want to practice indoors or outdoors. You’ll be able to choose from three different sizes to suit your spacing needs. The Tri-Ball net is extremely spacious and features a large hitting area. Due to its one-of-a-kind shape and style, it can be used with all the clubs in your golf bag, from driver to wedges.

Durability of the net will of course be determined by the way you treat the net. You can use it with real golf balls but I would recommend you to use practice balls to maximize its durability. If you are making your first-step in the game of golf, this golf practice is net is an ideal starting kit. There are some reports from users complaining about this net not withstanding real golf balls but like I said here above, constant beating from real golf ball will eventually rip a hole in any net, so I would advise you to use practice balls.

This net is ideal for beginners and children that want to practice with real golf balls but if you are seasoned golfer, I would suggest that you look into something more durable like Net-Return or DuraGolf practice net. However, this Tri-Ball golf net by Callaway is ranked as one of the best golf net in the low-to-mid price range. Callaway is all about quality and durability and this product is no exception as Callaway clearly lives up to the expectations. Have a read through the review below to find out if this golf net is the practice net you have been looking for.

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Key Features

  • High quality and strong netting
  • Includes a hanging target
  • Has a unique shape that allows you to use all your golf clubs, from driver through wedge
  • Very easy to set-up and take-down
  • Nylon carrying bag included for easy storage
  • Freestanding golf net for indoor use
  • For outdoor use, stakes are included to secure to the ground


Current owners really like the design of this net. It features a unique design that will provide very good depth for all the golf clubs in your golf bag. This does not include the regular two-poles and straight across construction, but more designed to allow the ball to softly fall down, thanks to its unique triangular shape.

You’ll be able to choose from three sizes, 6×7´, 7×7′ and 9×10′. All three sizes are constructed with top-rated quality materials and contain strong netting with a target to help you with aiming and maximize consistency. It is free-standing so you can easily use it indoors but if you want to use it outdoors, there are stakes included to secure it to the ground if necessary. If you want to opt in for the largest net to use indoors, make sure that you have high ceiling in your room. For indoor use, I would strongly recommend the smallest size (6’x7′) so you can take full advantage of the space inside your home.


The Tri-Ball is one of the sturdiest golf hitting nets on the market today but you will read many reviews from current owners that complain that it will not withstand the force from real golf balls. The reality is that there are extremely few golf nets available that will endure constant beating from real golf balls. In other words, the durability of any golf net will be determined by the overall treatment.

It goes without saying that a golf net that only receives practice golf balls will last longer than a net that is constantly dealing with high powered driver shots with real golf balls. If you are seasoned golfer and you want to practice your long shots with real golf balls, I recommend you look into the DuraPro golf net or Net-Return golf net.

However, for the average golfer that doesn’t care about using real golf balls, this net is ideal and will last you for a long period of time. The Callaway warranty gives you a safety barrier of 1 year to test out the golf net and if it won’t last, they will send you a new product if you provide receipt.

Set-Up and Take-Down

Set-up is relatively easy process and can be done by one person. However, users have commented that it might be better to get assistance to set it up for the first time. Once you have mastered the set-up few times and understand how the assembling process is done, you will have the net ready in just few minutes. Also, the take-down process is dead-easy and you will be able to store all accessories nicely in the nylon carrying bag that is included with your purchase.


Like most of the nets on the market today, this one can be used both indoors and outdoors. Having the ability to practice indoors makes this product usable all year-round. Although it’s free-standing, there are stakes included to secure it to the ground if necessary. Therefore, you can practice in windy condition outside without having to worry about the net flying around your backyard!


  • Industry-leading manufacturer that stand behind all of their products 100%
  • Excellent net for beginners to practice chipping, long shots and approach shots
  • Extremely well-built golf practice net with a triangle design that offers thick and strong poles to maximize stability
  • Very durable and strong net with target to help you with consistency during your practice
  • Free-standing for indoor use and stakes are included if you need to secure it to the ground

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  • No Ball-Return feature
  • No instructions on how to assemble the net
  • Hard to set-up for the first time


This Tri-Ball hitting net from Callaway is a is a quality mid-range product. It is excellent golf-net for those who are starting out. I believe that this golf net is not going to make seasoned golfers satisfied. If you are experienced golfer that is looking for a net that can withstand constant beating from your high-powered driver, I suggest you look for another practice net.

However, for this price point, you are getting value for your buck. If you are on a tight-budget, this net is an ideal option for you compared to other similarly priced brands. The only down-side of this net is that it doesn’t include the fantastic Ball-Return feature. If, for any reason you run into any problems using this product, rest assured that Callaway has you covered.

They pride themselves of their industry-leading customer support and they will solve any of your problems that you might encounter. As I said, this price is extremely appealing and if you are looking for an affordable golf net from reputable manufacturer, then this golf net is one of the most budget-friendly options that you can get your hands on.