4 Best Spornia Golf Nets Comprehensive Guide

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Last Updated: February 26, 2021

Golf nets are a great way to ensure that your practice is not interrupted regardless of whether you are on the field or not.  Most golf nets can work inside, or outside which makes them a great way to spend some time brushing up on your skills.

To help my readers get the right golf net for home, I have compiled this article of products. My brief, but detailed guide will help you in selecting one of the many different golf nets that are available from Spornia. Moreover, I will also emphasize how Spornia is one of the leading brands in this regard and what makes it so special. Below are my picks of the best Spornia golf nets on the market today.

Spornia Golf Nets Reviews

1. Best Overall

Spornia SPG-5 Golf Practice Net

Spornia SPG-5 Golf Practice Net

  • Attach included red chipping baskets
  • Roof Attachment (7ft. X 9ft)
  • Automatic Ball Return System
  • Patented Large target sheet

The Spornia SPG- 5 Golf Practice Net is a new design style that enhances regular golf practice net and makes it more efficient for practicing. The net roof provides a better radius and protects indoor ceilings from being damaged and helps the ball remain insight when outdoors. The holes in the net are emphasized with red marks for better practice.

The angle of the net can also be set to three different options which are on the top, middle, and bottom for preference when practicing. The ball returning system allows you to only use one ball and does not require much manual labor in going to get the ball every time. The system further ensures that the ball is slowly reached out to the player instead of bouncing on the floor to prevent the ball from damaging the floor and preventing the ball from damaging itself. A ball stopper is also part of this highly stylized golf net to store about 200 balls at once.

The easy setup and dismantling allows you take it anywhere without a problem and set it up anywhere; with the lightweight makes the mobility easier. This feature also allows you to keep it safe when you are not using it so that it does not take up any additional space.

2. Runner Up

Spornia Spg-7 Golf Practice Net

Spornia SPG-5 Golf Hitting Mat Bundle

  • Automatic Ball Return System
  • Patented large target sheet
  • Quick & Easy Setup/Breakdown
  • Ball Stopper (Stores over 200 balls)

The Spornia golf practice net is designed to make a better practice session for golfing indoors and outdoors. Users can easily practice swings, chipping, and any shot with real golf balls since this net includes the golf turf from hitting the mat. The small red chipping basket allows you to practice short games which makes it better for people with less time. With this net, the ball is always going to come back to you.

The style allows the ball to gently roll without making much noise or without damaging the floor if you opt to play indoors. For storage of balls, there is a ball stopper that can store about 200 balls with ease. There are also two-sided panels in this net to stop the ball from moving out in case of missed shots. The target sheet is a large sheet that helps in absorbing the pressure, impact, and noise and allows the net to be more secure while playing. This Spornia net is lightweight and can easily be carried anywhere when not assembled. The assembly takes about a few minutes in order to increase efficiency and versatility.

3. Best Value

Spornia Pop Up Golf Chipping Net- Indoor and Outdoor Golf Practice Training

Spornia SPG Golf Chipping Net

  • Sharpen your chipping accuracy
  • Dimensions: 25 in. x 25 in
  • Collapses into a 12 in. circle diameter
  • Based in the U.S.

The Spornia SPG golf chipping net is made with two different targets. These targets can be removed and the skill level can be adjusted according to the player. The design allows the frame to convert from 25 inches of diameter to about 11 inches diameter. These features make sure that the net is for everyone and for every skill level and so that they can practice according to their level. You can simply play by aiming at the holes individually or you can take them off for a bigger range.

This net has a pop design that can easily be popped up indoors and outdoors and can be taken down anywhere. The balls can easily be collected inside the net and then they can be carried back without damaging the surface you are playing on or without damaging the balls. The collection of the balls also allows the users to be sure of where their balls are,and you don’t have to make the physical effort of looking for them. When not in use, the design folds to a flat surface which is easy to store and easy to carry in its travel bag. The sturdy and long-lasting steel frames make the net a worthy purchase for a golfer.

4. Other Great Option

Spornia Spg-8 (7ft x 7ft) Golf Practice Net - Catch Net System

Spornia Spg-8 Golf Practice Net

  • Patented Large target sheet
  • Dimensions: 7 ft. x 7 ft. x 7 ft.
  • Two Side Barrier
  • Adjust to any desired angle

This is the perfect practice net for both indoor and outdoor use. It traps and captures the golf balls so that you do not have to pick them up. It also makes it safe and fun to practice your golf swings in the garage or on the patio. You can also set this practice net up outside and firmly secure it to the ground. The golf practice net can hold about thirty balls at a time and the dimensions of the net are seven foot by seven foot.

This golf practice net can be used with real golf balls and it will help you improve both your swing and your short hand game. It comes with a target sheet that helps you practice your aim and also serves the dual purpose of muting some of the noise from the impact of the golf balls. It has an additional foam target included that will visually indicate where your ball hit, taking the guesswork out of your practice sessions.

You can flip the white target sheet over to the blank side and use it to project a golf simulator for a fully immersive experience. Rainy day? With this golf practice net you can enjoy your favorite game from home anytime. You will save time and money practicing with this golf net instead of going to the golf course. This makes a great gift for all skill levels. Setting up the net only takes about forty seconds. This can be used with family members of all ages for a fun bonding experience.

Buying Guide - Best Spornia Golf Nets

Spornia has been in the market for around two decades and has been producing nets for various sports. The company is known to produce pop-up nets and makes them unique. They are committed to making sure that their products are high quality with a reasonable price is never compromised since 1988.

One of the biggest reasons to trust Spornia is because they have a large variety and great customer reviews. The customer service is always open to hearing complaints and suggestions for a better experience.

Why Choose Spornia?

If you are a golfer and have easy access to the course, then you might think why you would ever need a golf net. Here are a few reasons why you might find Sporniagolf nets to be useful:

  • Unpredictable weather: One reason that can stop you from playing golf outdoors is the weather. Anytime it rains, it can stop you from going outside and playing. The weather is a huge issue where it is cold and can be difficult to play when wearing multiple layers.
  • Saves time: Another reason is that you can save time. Instead of going out and carrying all your golf gear with you, you can simply practice by popping open your net in the house or in the backyard. You can also play in your pajamasas long as you have the right gear with you.
  • Saves balls: Golf balls are easily lost. They are tiny and sometimes very hard to see. With a golf net, you can reduce losing your balls. The net is designed to make sure that they are caughtinside the net and you do not have to look for them every time you make a shot. In fact, some nets also give you the ability to let the ball roll back to you so that you do not even have to look for them.

Pop-up Golf Nets vs Collapsible Golf Nets

A few years back, pop up golf nets were not popular because of the low quality that made them collapse as soon as impactwas made. However, with time, companies like Spornia have brought about greater quality pop up golf nets which can easily be stored and carried around to make them highly durable.

These pop-up nets are one of the most loved forms of nets in the market. Not only are they suitable for golf, but they are also suitable for other sports. Pop-up golf nets are highly durable only if they are of good quality and the frame is sturdy enough.

Portable of collapsible golf nets provide a ton of benefits. The first benefit being that they can be carried anywhere. You can assemble them indoors or you can set them up outdoors; they will instantly provide you a safe space to play golf and practice without any hindrance. The collapsible ones are usually lightweight and have a bag easily carry it.

If you opt to go for the ones that are a permanent fix you may have to pay a lot at first. Another reason why they are not suitable is that they will take up space. You may be able to put it in the garage or your backyard, but you can never take it down without complicated tools and even may need the help of a professional.

Collapsible nets also have the advantage of being able to have upgrades and add-ons. These nets usually sell their upgrades separately which can help with targets, swinging, and other forms.  You can also get technological benefits with these which make them even better.

Things to Consider Before you Buy Spornia

A few details that most customers tend to forget to include is about the sizes that are available. If your aim to practice outdoors only, then it might not be a problem. However, if you plan on using it inside as well, you need to make sure you have a place in mind and buy the size according to the available space.

Another minute detail which is actually a major fault that people make is the quality of the net. Make sure that the net is of high quality. Your best option can be polyester, wire, or nylon. Nylon in mostly weatherproof and has a long life.

Finally, make sure the net you choose is under your budget but includes all features. Make sure you do not have unnecessary features that are only there for the show.


Spornia golf nets are a great way to ensure that you practice golf in the comfort of your own home. They help in various ways by ensuring that you do not lose golf balls or that you do not have to miss a day of practice just because it is raining outside.Once you decide to purchase a Spornia golf net, just make sure to research the best options and check what other customers have to say about their purchase.Additionally, you should take advice from your coach and make sure that purchase the best one.

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