5 Best Rukket Golf Nets Reviews

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Last Updated: February 26, 2021

Using the input of college athletes and their coaches, Rukket design and build all of the sports nets that they sell. The company is proud of the high quality and innovative features of the nets that they make, and they take into account all customer responses to ensure that the product is constantly improving. Rukket makes sports equipment for a variety of games such as soccer, lacrosse, softball and baseball. They also make high quality and durable golf practice nets.

Rukket does not make use of intermediaries or distributors, preferring to sell direct to the public. The company was started in the United States with personal funding and is still run by the founding member. The company stands by its product and has a well-earned reputation for outstanding customer service. Below are the best Rukket golf nets on the market today.

Rukket Golf Nets Reviews

1. Best Overall

Best Rukket Golf Nets Reviews

Rukket 4pc Golf Bundle

  • 10x7ft SPDR Driving Net
  • Barrier Protective Wings
  • Fairway, rough, and tight lie turf
  • It easily folds down with the net on

This great golfing package will have you practicing everyday. The SPDR net can handle everything you hit at it. Practice all your shots with real golf balls and all of your golf clubs. The net is ten foot wide and seven foot tall. The protective side barriers are included free of charge, offering you extra safety, even when you throw wild shots at it. The side nets can be anchored to the ground or held down, using the weight pockets. The net sports a ball return feature that dribbles your ball back to you so that you can spend more time practicing instead of chasing balls.

This is a heavy duty net with a metal frame that folds up, using push-button technology. It takes just two minutes to set up and takes even less time to take down. The net stays on the poles when it is folded up. The kit comes with a durable heavy-duty bag for transport and storage. It has a lifetime warranty. The metal frame is powder coated for all-weather durability so you can use it inside or out. The tri turf hitting mat allows you to practice different shots, and has a tough rubber base to prevent slippage.

2. Runner Up

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

Rukket 3pc Golf Bundle

  • Rukket 4 ply knotless high-performance netting
  • Measures 10ft W x 7ft H x 3ft D
  • 2-minute setup/breakdown
  • Safely swing inside or outside

Maximize your golf practice with this Rukket Golf Bundle. It contains everything you could wish for in a golf practice experience. The golf driving net occupies a small footprint, and yet it opens to seven foot high, ten foot wide and three foot deep so it should be capable of stopping any ball you hit at it. Whether you are practicing inside or outside you can rest assured that the net would do its job.

This is one of the most highly rated golf practice nets on offer. Designed and underwritten by Chris Haack, coach to players on the PGA tour, the net is made from durable four ply knotless netting that absorbs the impact of the ball, rolling it gently back to you – no need to collect balls. You should take no more than two minutes to set it up or take it down, as it is a simple process. Pack the net into the included bag for lightweight portability and storage.

Included in the package is a 40x62cm Tri Turf golf mat. The Tee Turf enables you to use your driver or woods to hit off a real tee. The Fairway/ rough simulates the real golf course feel, and the Clean Lie offers you the opportunity of hitting off a flat surface. The mat has a non-slip rubber base. This product is backed by a six-month warranty and by Rukket’s great customer service.

3. Best Value

Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

  • Ultimate folding golf chipping net
  • Features three targets to improve your accuracy
  • Nylon carrying bag included
  • 20 in. x 25 in. x 20 in. to fit right in the corner

One of the things that sets Rukket golf nets apart from other manufacturers is that they make their nets in a wide range of colors. While other nets are only available in black, this pop up golf chipping net is available in a rainbow of colors so you can choose your favorite color or even match it to your patio furniture.

This chipping net makes it fun to practice your golf skills at home. It comes with twelve practice balls so you spend more time practicing and less time worrying about the balls from missed shots. When not in use this pop up net can be collapsed and stored away. It comes with a storage container that also doubles as a carrying case.

You can take this pop up golf chipping net with you to the office, on vacation, or to your friends house. It is lightweight and portable. You can use this inside and outside. It comes with an instruction manual that will tell you what you need to do to get set up. It only takes a couple seconds to set up this golf net because it has a patented pop up design.

There are three targets on the golf chipping net so you can practice a range of shots. Chipping is a difficult move that even experienced golfers are challenged with, which is why many people choose to practice from home. If you are looking for a high-quality chipping net, Rukket makes some of the best golf nets on the market.

4. Best Bundle Option

Best Rukket Golf Nets Reviews

Rukket 4pc Golf Bundle

  • Features 10ft W, 7ft H, 5ft D
  • Golf ball roll back feature
  • Easiest folding of any pop up net
  • Tri Turf Portable Folding Mat

This little golf pack would make any golfer really happy. It includes the famous RukkNet portable golf net, hitting mat and chipping net. Because the driving net is a pop up, you can get right into practice as the net literally pops right out of its bag and is ready to use. Rukket has listened to their customers and they revised tear down of the net through improved folding. The folding instructions are on the net, just like the large handle that fits into the bag. The net folds into a thirty-two inch hoop. It comes with a durable bag with double zips and a wide and comfortable strap. The bag is big enough to accommodate the entire kit, which weighs just sixteen pounds.

When opened, the driving net is seven foot high by ten foot wide by five foot deep. It can be used for other sports such as hockey, baseball, softball and soccer, so the whole family can enjoy it. This is a great outdoor net but can also be used indoors. The construction of the base is reinforced to ensure that it can withstand abrasive surfaces just like cement. Unlike other golfing nets, it has a double net so the inside net can be replaced. Anchor it to the ground using the included ground stakes to prevent movement in the wind.

The net is made from durable four ply knotless netting, which absorbs the impact of the ball and gently returns it to you so that you can get more practice. It is one of the most durable nets on the market and it will stop real golf balls hit with any club in your golf bag. It won the best new release at the 2013 PGA show.

The golf mat features rough turf, putting turf and tee turf. The base is non-slip rubber. The chipping target finishes off your kit, allowing you to improve your short shot accuracy. Should you need it, Rukket offers some of the best after sales service available.

5. Other Great Pick

Rukket Putting Green & Golf Chipping Net Bundle

Rukket Putting Green & Golf Chipping Net Bundle

  • Rukket High Quality 3-hole and 2-trap Putting Green
  • Limited flight practice balls
  • Inclusion of our Skee-Golf Chipping target
  • Putting mat is easy to unfold

This golf chipping net bundle kit is amazing. It comes with the three target chipping net as well as a putting green with three holes and two traps. The putting green is super fun to use and makes it easy to practice your golf skills from anywhere.

You can use this putting green and chipping net combo in your office, living room, patio, or garage to improve your skills off of the course. Additional things that are included with this bundle is a high-quality nylon carrying case as well as twelve practice balls so you can spend more time practicing and less time chasing after your missed shots.

Rukket offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their golf nets so you can rest assured that it will be delivered and function exactly as promised. If there are any defects with the product the company will replace it free of charge. There is also an arm band swing trainer that is included with this bundle that helps to train your arms.

The arm band will keep your arms from bending before impact so that you can get a better shot. Using this putting green and golf net chipping bundle form Rukket will drastically improve your short hand game over time. You can save money practicing from home with this kit compared to if you practiced at the golf course.

For all skill levels and ages this golfing bundle is a great choice. It makes a great gift for golf lovers and the whole family will have fun using it together. Your friends will also be impressed by your golf net and putting green at garden parties and barbeques.


Rukket make some of the best golf nets available. They are made from high quality, durable materials that are lightweight and very portable. The nets can be used both indoors and outdoors. The driving nets have a ball return feature, giving you the opportunity to play more golf rather than chasing balls, and you can use real golf balls and all of your clubs to practice. Rukket products are developed and manufactured in the United States of America, and they are supported by great after sales service. If you are looking for a top quality golf practice net, at a reasonable price Rukket offers all of the necessary features that you could ask for.

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