3 Best Net Return Golf Nets Buying Guide

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Last Updated: February 25, 2021

Golf is a sport for people of all ages, and just like every sport, it needs to be practiced for a long time in order to become close to perfection. Golf nets are easily available on the market and they help with hitting the balls into the nets so that they are not lost. These nets are just like cricket nets and can be used around the house without a problem. One of the best companies you will find offering these nets is Net Return and they are known for producing nets that brings back the ball to the player. Have a look at my guide containing the best Net Return golf nets on the market today and hopefully will help you in becoming more familiar with the company and their featured golf nets.

Net Return Golf Nets Reviews

1. Best Overall

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Multi-Sport Golf Net

  • Provided Duffle Bag (28 lbs.)
  • Use Indoors or Outside
  • 250,000 Shot Guarantee
  • Automatic Ball Return

The Pro Series of the Net Return golf net is a little bit bigger than the home series. This net is made for professional golfers and for those who need something a bit more heavy duty than the home model. The best part about this multi-sport golf net is how it returns the golf balls to you so you can spend more time practicing.

This sport net can be used with soccer balls and other kinds of balls, meaning that all of the athletes in your family can enjoy it. It works great for golf balls, and you can practice for hours with only one ball. You can use both practice golf balls and real golf balls with the golf net. It can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors.

The net safely absorbs the impact from the golf ball and returns it back to you. This is great because not only will you lose less of your golf balls, but you will also not waste time looking for them. Practicing from home with a golf net can save you tons of money compared to going to the golf course and it allows you to practice even on days when the course is not open.

It is made out of premium quality materials that will stand the test of time. The materials will not be affected by rain, moisture, or changes in temperature. You can expect a lifetime of excellent performance from this product. The lightweight construction makes it easy to store when not in use and it comes with a duffle bag that doubles as a carrying case for portability.

2. Ideal for Multi Sports

The Net Return Home Series Multi-Sport Golf Net

Home Series The Net Return

  • Automatic ball return
  • 5 min. Pushbutton assembly
  • 1. 5in Tubular Steel Frame
  • Provided duffle bag (39 lbs.)

The home series, “The Net Return” sports golf net is another product produced by the company that has features that make it one of the best. This net is also designed to be used for multiple sports including baseball, soccer, softball and more. It can easily be set up anywhere including the basement, living room, garage, backyard, or any other place that suits the user. To assemble it, all you need is about five minutes. There is a button to be pushed that automatically assembles it. Dismantling it is just as easy and allows the net to be carried anywhere. Additional features that help make it more portable is its lightweight and the duffel bag that allows users to store it. It also allows safe storage of the net when you are done using it.

The design of the net is made to ensure that when the ball is thrown, it comes back to the player regardless of the sport. Most nets tend to capture the ball,and you have to go and retrieve it, but this rebound net allows you to simply wait for the ball to come to you.  Users can use it with any golf simulator or swing analyzer to make it a better accessory to practice with.

3. Other Great Option

The Net Return Jr. Standard Multi-Sport Hitting Net

Jr. Standard Multi-Sport Hitting Net

  • Automatic ball return
  • 5 min. Pushbutton assembly
  • Multi-sport play net
  • Provided duffle bag (only 15 lbs.)

“The Net Return” sports net is also available in a junior version that helps junior athletes practice their favourite sport with the features that are suited for them. This net is also made for any junior sport including baseball, golf, soccer, and more. The height is adjusted according to the international standards for the sports practicing nets which makes it perfect for the young ones. The portability of this net is easy,and parents can easily bring this to the park in the duffel bag and assemble it in about five minutes.

There are no nuts, bolts, or screws with this net since it does not need any complications or professionals to assemble it.  Older children can also set it up under the supervision as it at just a push of a button. The net can additionally be set anywhere around the house or in the backyard. The net is lightweight which means that your child can move it around if they like without needing help although supervision might be needed. The unique design allows the ball to come back to the child regardless of what sport they are playing. Soft foam balls are also suited for this net which makes it a great catch.

Net Return Golf Net Buying Guide

One of the most confusing decisions that you will have to make as the buyer, is to select the right style. The reason for this is that these nests usually have different shapes. The shapes do not make much of a difference except for the height and the impact level. However, something that does make a difference is the style. Net Return golf nets collect the ball and traps the ball, or the net will be slightly bounce so that the ball can come back to you. If you choose the one with the net being able to trap the ball, you will have to go get the ball every time.

The advantage here is that the net will cushion the ball and will reduce the chances of damage, especially if you are playing indoors. The net that allows the ball to come to you, like the Net Return golf nets, are made a little tighter so that the ball can bounce back; however, they allow the shock of the impact to be absorbed so that the ball bounces back in the same direction as its target.  This feature allows you to stand in one place while the ball rolls back to you. The ball will not be captured by the net so you will not have to go through the hassle of trying to untangle it out of the net.

Does Net Return Offer More Portable Solutions?

Golf nets come in many shapes and sizes. The Net Return golf nets make it easy to practice anytime and anywhere without any trouble. One of the best things about Net Return nets is that they are highly portable, and they can be easily stored and carried. The most suitable ones are lightweight which makes them highly mobile and they can be assembled and dismantled easily without complication and hassle.

If you choose to purchase ones that have nuts and bolts attached, you may find them to be more durable,but they are not very portable. They are hefty and are usually for one place only which makes them very inconvenient. These ones are usually more expensive since they have to be especially strong to face the weather if you choose to put them outdoors and will take up more space.

A few nets are designed to be easily assembled which means that their poles are either simple screw-ins or that they have some sort of elasticity to them so that they can settle into place. These ones are the most convenient if you are someone who wants their nets to be easy for travel. They are additionally, lightweight and offer you easy ways to be stored and to be carried around.


If you are thinking about using your golf net for more than golf practice, then you will have to focus on its versatility as well. Golf balls are usually small and even though they may be heavy and impactful, they are not strong enough to break through nets. However, if you use golf nets for soccer and baseball, they may tear the net and cause major damage.

The key to getting this feature right is to get a golf net like the Net Return, which is a strong enough net for many more sports other than golf. Therefore, Net Return nets are made of high-quality polyester or wire and are perfect for this purpose since they are strong enough to handle most forms of balls. Additionally, the poles and frame of the net are strong and robust enough to handle the impact and it won’t fall over every time you make a shot. You will not find these ones to be very expensive; however, they will be a little more expensive than just the golf ones.

How do the Side Walls of the Net Help?

You will find some golf nets to have side nets that act like walls. Overall, the design will be of a small enclosed type space where you can hit the ball and get results. These side walls are made to allow the ball to be in a more confined space than usual. These are perfect for indoors, since the ball does not go anywhere but only in a specified radius. In return, the player will also not have to move around a lot and will find the ball at their feet every time they hit a shot. Sidewalls are also suitable for junior players regardless of whether they are playing indoors or outdoors. Playing indoors saves the furniture from being smashed; while outdoors allows the ball to be in that small space and not get lost. Your child will not have to run after the ball and will stay in the same space while you can supervise them as you wish.

Major Benefits of Net Return Golf Nets

Golf nets are one of the most useful things to have to help practice golf shots. Usually, these nets are small nets with a stand that helps catch the ball no matter how hard you hit and then capturing it so that they do not go further away. The first and foremost reason why people find these nets useful is that they do not have to necessarily shoot it in a huge ground where the ball does not damage an object or hurt a person. Net Return golf nets can easily be set up in the house without the risk of breaking items which makes them a great way to practice and enjoy the game any time.

Another reason why people prefer using Net Return nets is that golf requires a lot of walking since the ball travels far away. The nets catch the ball and in some cases bring the ball back to the player to help reduce the shock. This feature allows users to be standing in one place and they do not have to walk the distance to get the ball.

One of the most important things in golf is to ensure that your swing is perfect to shoot the ball in the desired direction. Practicing a swing takes a lot of time and most people do not find it convenient to go to a course or the park every day. Setting up a net at home will allow you to play for as long as you like with as many breaks as you like. You will be able to get the swing perfect in no time.

If you are planning on using add-ons, the best one is the swing analyzer. This little piece of technology allows you to have complete data on the direction your club moves, with the pressure you are about to exert, and on every little detail of the shot that you make. This piece of technology works as a coach. With the help of this and the net, you can make your shots better and more precise.


To choose the best net for golf can be quite a hassle. However, with my guide, you can see how Net Returns produces a variety of nets that fit into the description of the best in the market.Customers will find plenty of options to choose from, which is why it is wise to make a checklist and mark off all the things that you would like when you practice. Remember to always go for high-quality products that are under some sort of warranty to save you money.

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