5 Best Callaway Golf Net Reviews

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Last Updated: February 26, 2021

Callaway is recognized amongst golfers as one of the foremost suppliers of all manner of sports equipment from golf clubs to golf accessories, shoes and apparel. Founded in 1982 Callaway’s stated goal is to design and develop innovative golfing equipment that will help golfers to play better golf by hitting longer and straighter shots more accurately. The objective of the company is to provide you, the golfer, with all your golfing needs.

If you’re a serious golfer, you want to make sure that your handicap keeps improving. The only way to do this is to keep practicing regularly and often throughout the year. Callaway offer some affordable, hard working and easy to set up golf practice equipment to help you do just that. We review some of their best golf practice nets to help you make the choice of which equipment will best suit your golfing needs.

Callaway Golf Nets

1. Best Overall

Best Callaway Golf Net Reviews

Callaway Chip-Shot Chipping Net

  • Net Size: 25in x 25in - Ultra light and durable
  • Includes 3 targets
  • Easy set-up / take-down
  • Great for wedge practice

This three-target chipping net is ideal for practicing your accuracy on short shots of up to one hundred yards. The twenty-inch square net is super portable and so easy to store because it folds up into a twelve inch hoop that can fit almost anywhere. The net is a breeze to set up and to take down. It can be used both inside and outside. Just leave it up in a corner of a room so that it is always ready for a couple of strokes of golf.

2. Runner Up

Best Callaway Golf Net Reviews

Callaway Zenith Hitting Net

  • Easy set up and take down
  • 4-Point, Cross base design
  • Includes 6 ground stakes
  • Nylon carry case

This is a top quality net with a fiberglass frame that has been reinforced for durability. The quality of the net is the best in golf and the high domed, crowned top allows this net to manage all of your golfing shots. The four-point cross base of this net ensures its stability. For a more realistic golf practice experience you may consider purchasing a golf mat.

This net is great for outside practice but you can use it inside as well. It comes with six ground stakes for anchoring it down when playing outside. The nylon case that is included renders the net both portable and easy to store. The net is twelve foot wide, nine foot high and six foot deep so it should stop even the most divergent shot, and its large size means that your family can use the net for playing a variety of net sports including hockey, baseball, softball and soccer.

3. Other Great Pick

Callaway Home Range Practice System

Callaway Home Range Practice System

  • FT Launch Zone hitting mat
  • Includes hanging target to sharpen aim
  • Easily collects and holds 35 balls
  • Hitting mat features true turf surface

Take care of all your golf practice requirements with this all in one kit. This practice system includes one seven by seven foot golf practice net, one FT Launch Zone practice turf mat and one ProCaddie ball feeder. The best part of this kit though is the practice net. It stops balls traveling at one hundred and fifty miles per hour. The net’s sturdy cross base makes it stable enough to stop any shot, so you can use real golf balls to practice any of your golf shots. The net has a target to help you to improve your accuracy. The target has a dual purpose as it absorbs the impact of the ball to preserve your net.

The sixteen by eight inch mat has a thick non-slip rubber base. The Tru Turf on the top surface is wear-resistant and includes a patented tee holder. The ball feeder helps you to collect your golf balls and can hold up to thirty-five for more organized play easy dispensing of balls. Just tap the top of the caddie with your golf club and your next ball is ready to play. The durable net made from high quality materials is easy to set up and take down, and can be used both inside and outdoors. When collapsed the net is easy to carry and to store.

4. Square Design

Callaway Quad Net, 8 Feet

Callaway Quad Net, 8 Feet

  • 8-foot square hitting area
  • Ultra quiet hanging target in center of net
  • Balls feed to front of net for easy collection
  • Easy set up and take down

At eight foot this large, square net is made from super strong mesh. The large target will help you to hone your golfing skills and will dull the sound of the ball. It should also help to prevent wear on the net. This robust net allows you to hit with all your golf clubs and to use real golf balls for authentic golfing practice. The balls roll to the front of the net making collection easy. The net does not come with a golfing mat, so for a more realistic golf experience you may wish to invest in a one. The net is quick and simple to put up and to take down. It should not take you more than three minutes to set up and less to put it away. It comes with a light and durable nylon bag for portability and for storage.

5. Ultra Light Design

IZZO Golf Callaway Chipping Net

IZZO Golf Callaway Chipping Net

  • Ultra light and portable
  • Folds down to 10.5in diameter for easy storage
  • Great for short game practice
  • Use with real or foam balls

Chipping is a difficult move that even experienced golfers can be challenged by which is why many golfers practice from home using a chipping net. This IZZO chipping net by Callaway is one of the best models of golf nets currently available. Using this golf net to practice instead of going to a golf course can save you time and money.

It is super easy to use this chipping net and it is perfect for all ages and skill levels. The patented pop design means that the golf net is ready to use in only a few seconds. Breaking down the net is just as easy and it converts to a compact size which is easy to store and can even fit in many golf bags. You can use this practice net with foam practice golf balls or with real golf balls.

This chipping net is made to improve your short game. The short game is often the most important part, and also the part that people have the most difficulty with. The best way to improve your aim and accuracy in golf is with practice, and this chipping golf net can help. This makes a great gift for both experienced and beginner golfers.

This gold net is made by one of the best manufacturers of golf training accessories. They only use the highest quality materials in the construction of their products. These golf nets are meant to last and you can expect to get years of performance out of them. These nets hold up against the elements and moisture, so you can practice even on rainy days.


Callaway is known as a great supplier of all golfing equipment. They have been around for thirty-five years, and you can rest assured that in the unlikely event that you require support, Callaway’s after sales service will be there to support you and their product. If you want to ensure that your golfing handicap survives the winter and continues to improve even when you can’t get to the golf course, then practice net equipment is what you need and Callaway can supply it.

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