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Last Updated: February 22, 2021

Use Golf Net and Master Your Game

It’s very easy to practice chipping, pitching and all the short shots without having access to a driving range. However, finding the space to master your long shots makes things a little more complicated. There is a way around this problem by investing in a golf hitting net. This will enable you to practice your long shots using irons and woods without the risk of damaging any of your surroundings. Having a golf hitting net is an ideal way to improve your golf game, but you need to know how to use the net, and you need to know what equipment to use to get the most out of your training sessions.

Let's look at essential items that you will need to use to make your training effective:

  • A golf hitting net
  • Your golf clubs
  • Golf balls
  • A golf mat
  • Impact tape

Step-by-Step Instructions

You should set up your golf practice net in a safe place. There is always the chance of a mishit, and you need to select the least risky place in your house.

Second, use the impact tape to mark a strip on the club’s head.

If you are using a hitting mat, you should place it as close to the net as possible and place your golf ball on the practice mat. Make sure that you don’t place the mat too close to the net; if so, you will hit the net during your swings’ follow-through.

Prepare for your hit as you would do on the driving course. Don’t rush into shots, and take your time to position yourself properly and make a few practice swings without hitting the golf ball.

Swing around 10 practice shots into the net and pay close attention to how the ball is coming off; listen to your shots.

Pay close attention to your shots’ trajectories. Observe if your shots are spraying right or left, or too low or too high.

Next, analyze the impact tape on your club. If there are consistent spots on the tape, you are doing well. If there are consistent spots off the center, you will need to adjust accordingly. If there are marks all over the tape, it’s a clear sign that your swing is out of control.

The last step involves practicing until you improve the areas noted in the previous steps.

As you can see by now, a golf practice net is an awesome tool to improve and make your overall golf experience more joyful. However, you should note that it is still important to visit the golf range from time to time, just so you can discover late actions on your shots. You might be wondering how a golf net will benefit you to step up your game if you can’t even see where the golf ball is flying after you make the swing. The answer is simple, and I’m going to outline handy tips on how you can improve your golf game with a golf net.

Improve Your Game

First, a golf net will allow you to practice more. Basically, the main reason why golfers do not play up to their potential on the course is simply because they don’t practice enough. Golf is a crazy sport; it’s not enough to play more in order to get better, because you must also practice your swing over and over again on a training field and master your putts.

It’s not enough just to warm up with a few shots and then head out on the field to play golf, simply because that won’t let your muscle memory hone itself to improve your game. Therefore, the best way to warm up is by hitting many golf balls to strengthen your so-called golf muscles. If you do so, it will give you more confidence during game play on the course.

You need to find out how to make these solid shots and once you hit one, you will feel it. Reaching those solid shots will take practice, and having a golf net will help you. Don’t worry, you will reach them eventually if you practice enough.

Use the Proper Equipment with Your Golf Net

I assume you have a golf set and I’m guessing you have carefully invested in a top-rated golf clubs to practice and play with. You need to equip yourself with the best practice set you can get your hands on; don’t settle for low-quality items that will only last you a couple of weeks. Go ahead, think long term, and invest in quality golf clubs to maximize your practice sessions with a golf net.

As you know, you won’t be able to see where your golf ball might have landed, unlike when you are practicing on the on the driving range where you can clearly see the ball flight. However, utilizing the tips I taught you earlier with the impact tape will help you greatly to master your swing. Practicing with a golf net is not about seeing where you ball is flying; all that you need to do is consistently make solid shots. Once you make a solid contact, you’ll immediately know and feel that you have made a perfect hit.

Enjoy Your Practice Session

There are some golf fanatics that like to set up a TV next to their golf net to practice while watching their favorite sport or show. Imagine having a great time while hitting and think about the times when you were sitting on the couch watching the golf channel and dying to grab your clubs and perform a few swings at home.

Now you can experience that feeling in the comfort of your own home with the aid of a golf practice net! Golf net owners are constantly reporting about how they have improved their game once they invested in golf net. It doesn’t take much to get better; you could start off by hitting balls for 15 minutes, then increase the training session to 30 minutes and so on.


As you know, it’s not just about investing in a golf net. You need to know how to use it as well, and the reality is that in order to maximize your training and master your golfing skills properly, it’s vital that you know what you are doing. Having said that, there are a couple of things you should invest in (apart from the net itself) just to get the most out of your practice.

All these accessories need to fit your playing style. You should use a golf set that fits your height and choose a golf net that fits your needs and style. It does not have to be a state-of-the-art golf set or golf-net, because we are all different with different needs. If you are using equipment that fits your personal needs, then you are on your way to perfect your golf skills in no time at all.

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