How to Improve Your Golf Swing Follow Through?

Improve Your Golf Swing Follow Through

How to Improve Your Golf SwingIt’s not enough to have mastered the swing, mastered the perfect stance, mastered straight shots or have the most sophisticated golf set to become a good golfer. You need to work on your golf swing follow-through as well.

This is part is over-looked by many golfers and is considered to be a small part of your golf technique but the truth is that it plays a vital role in helping you to perform a perfect golf swing. If you are able to perform a consistent and smooth follow through, it will make a huge difference in getting that desired Eagle or use your golf-club to crack through the rough and get back on track.

Having said that, both technique and focus won’t benefit you at all if you are not using them properly. There is one golden rule to keep in mind that states the following: Always Follow Through!

If you do work on your golf swing follow-through and if you work on improving it consistently, it will take you as far as you want to maximize your golf game. Golf swing follow-through is the factor that has held back thousands of golfers. I’m sure you know these types of people who love the game of golf but they just can’t improve their golf swing no matter how hard they try.

If you don’t learn how to improve your golf swing follow-through, you’ll do nothing but chase golf balls while your team mates are already putting. The fact is, nobody likes to be that person, hacking through the rough or in the woods looking for their golf ball. Now, if you take time to learn the tips below that will teach you how to improve your golf swing follow through, then you don’t have to worry about being the golfer that constantly holds up your group!

Understand When Your Follow Through Begins and Ends

How to Improve Your Golf SwingBelieve it or not, it seems to be easy to grasp, but the majority of beginners are struggling to understand when their follow-through begins and when to stop for a perfect straight shot swing. The general rule is to follow through the swing and continue the swing until about 2 feet from the point of impact.

Ideally, you should practice the swing without a golf ball to fully understand this process. Just swing down just enough to touch the top of the grass with your clubs’ bottom and continue the swing all the way, until your arms are completely extended. You should repeat this process several times to master it completely.

You Should Never Slow Down or Quit Your Swing

This is the number one reason why there are so many golfers out there that struggle to get complete control over their swing. The reason for your inaccurate contact is that you stop halfway through the swing or you don’t hit the ball with the force you began your swing. You need to force your body as one when you are swinging down towards your ball at certain strength. Your body is not able to adjust quickly enough if you suddenly decide to slow down your swing or stop it. It will mess up your whole swing.

You have to be completely synchronized with all your body parts and have the force of your body to work together at the same pace if you are in the game to improve your swing. Understand that this is not something that you will master overnight. Therefore, it will take some practice and you won’t see any results right away. However, you are working on improving your swing and if you can’t make a full swing, you won’t improve.

Let Your Hips Work

How to Improve Your Golf SwingWhen you think about it, proper golf swing techniques and strategies seem so easy and straightforward when you are teaching them but there are so many complex factors involved in a perfect golf swing that it can be a daunting task for a beginner to understand it.

If you put in the work and effort, you will be able to get that perfect swing. It’s all about practice and understanding these sync movements and understand also their importance. Therefore, if you move your upper body in harmony with your swing, it will become evident that this is the most important element of getting the most power and accuracy from your golf swing.

If you adjust your hips to follow your arms at the ideal pace, the fluent motion that you started with will continue and you will maintain an elegant and beautiful golf swing. What you need to do is to focus on turning your hips in order to extend your dominant arm. This will make you reach full potential swing and not interrupt your original motion.

Balance Yourself and Maintain Your Balance

How to Improve Your Golf SwingIt goes without saying that your center of gravity is the center point of your body. This center body is the base of all, which you will build all movement to keep your balance. Let’s look at the reasoning why this is important factor of your golf swing. The thing is, once you adjust your body to perform any kind of abnormal movement (like golf swings) it’s important to know your gravity center. If you know where your center of gravity lies, then you are able to adjust your body accordingly without falling to the ground.

The moment when you position your body for your approach, and prepare your golf club for a swing, your body will automatically lean forward to generate secure and comfortable stance because your center of gravity is based in the center of your body. It’s important that you find out where your center of gravity is, when you are in your stance. Center of gravity can be easily located somewhere in the center of your pelvis.

Following your back swing, the hips should move back with your arms but legs need to stay planted. This will enable full force of your body and swing and your body and swing will make full contact the golf ball by sending it as far as you want it (or short).

Below are few pointers to keep in mind

  • The follow through is extremely important element to master and is your ticket to  a perfect golf swing
  • Start off with a perfect stance and back-swing
  • Locate and maintain your center of gravity during your entire golf swing
  • For quick repetition movements, practice without golf balls. That will enable you to focus and improve your swing and follow-through technique without having to think about hitting the ball.
  • Practice and be patient. There is no need to create bad habits that will take forever to break.


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